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Stockton Black

Stockton Black grew up watching tutorials and experimenting everything possible in the Adobe Suite, mainly focusing on After Effects. With years of experience, he will always love learning and exploring new visual effects techniques and testing new possibilities for the future. He loves to share his knowledge and experience as well as learn from others along the way. Let's work together to create something new.

He grew up in southern Idaho hiking, four-wheeling, rappelling, skiing and playing all sports. He served his God in the country of Uruguay and a sliver of Brazil, learning both Spanish and Portuguese. After returning, he followed his passions of shooting videos as he worked his way up from music videos to Hallmark movies and series, including The Chosen and The Book of Mormon videos. He will never say no to a game of spikeball or anything with a racket, and he misses his days teaching gymnastics and tumbling.

Stockton has done humanitarian work in Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Mozambique building schools and orphanages.

If you know Stockton, he's probably rushing around with some crazy film idea, grabbing props and wanting to shoot some slow-motion explosion, or he's smack talking Super Smash Bros. Stockton loves teaching others and making tutorials. His current passion project is creating a VR murder mystery video game.

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